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If you suffer from chronic pain due to illness or injury, we at TLC Physical Therapy Of Rockland want to take the time to say that we understand what you’re going through. The pressures and demands of adult life are hard enough, and when you add chronic pain on top of it, it can be difficult to bear.

We hear you. We understand. What you’re experiencing is normal. If you feel frustrated, that’s totally valid.

We can’t promise an instant cure to your pain. Chronic pain is a complex issue and usually involves more than one system of the body. But physical therapy has been proven as one of the best natural remedies for pain. By scheduling for regular massages or physical therapy sessions, you can lessen the pain you feel in everyday life and work towards a stronger and healthier you.

Chronic Pain Treatment for Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatica is a difficult condition to bear. It’s not just a condition of modern life: it’s been known since ancient times. And it can affect every aspect of your being. Many people rely on pain management medication to deal with sciatic nerve pain, and we certainly don’t judge those that do. But it isn’t the only way to gain pain relief.

When you combine traditional pain management strategies with the benefits of physical therapy, it’s a winning approach to tackling even the toughest of flareups. That builds a stronger spine too, so you can meet the challenges of your schedule with confidence.

Managing Lower Back Pain

When you first meet with one our of pain management specialists, we will ask you a number of questions to try and get at the root of your issue and figure out what approaches to your chronic pain treatment have worked in the past or not worked. Many healthcare practitioners can be dismissive of the realities of those who experience chronic pain. That’s why we always offer a kind and compassionate ear.

Lower back pain affects millions of Americans every year. Our physicians prescribe lifestyle changes, exercise, and provide soothing massage and therapy exercises. Our approach is meant to be combined with pain management medication as needed and prescribed by your primary physician. Looking at the body holistically is the optimal way to deal with lower back pain or any other muscular pain that came from injury or misuse.

Spring Valley’s Best Choice for All-Natural Remedies for Pain

At TLC Physical Therapy Of Rockland, we take a holistic and balanced approach to chronic pain management. Whether your injury is recent or from many years ago, trusting in Spring Valley’s top natural pain management specialists is a wise choice. Our specialists have years of experience and all the necessary professional certifications to help you and your loved ones move on from the trauma of chronic pain, all without  interfering with your existing treatments.

Don’t let pain manage your life—let your life manage your pain. Give us a call and let us show you how to take back control of your body.

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